Window View Challenge

Here is the gallery of inspiring pictures. My comments are in italics.

This first picture is from Brenda Wathier and she says:

“Looks like Fall in the north, but actually taken in FL.  The trees are very light colored, so when the sun shone on them and gave me the reflection in the water; it reminded me of fall when I lived in IL”

I think there’s a lot of inspiration in this photograph!


This one is from Evelyn Link and she says:

My sewing machine is in front of a bay window looking out on my back yard in Mesa, Arizona.  I can see the bird feeder, palm trees and the grapefruit tree.  Right now, there are ripe grapefruit and very fragrant white blossoms on the tree.  I wonder how I could get that lovely perfume into the quilt.
I have purple finches, sparrows, mocking birds and morning doves come to the feeder.  Smart birds–they know where to come in the winter.  Occasionally, I’ve had quail, hawks and a road runner.”

I enjoyed Evelyn’s backyard when I was visiting with her in AZ in January. How will she get the fragrance into the quilt???


Here’s the April view from Mary Lou Cotton:


I think it is a charming neighborhood and the lines and shapes in the picture are intriguing :-).


Here’s a photo from Peggy Nelson who says: 

Is it really only Spring?!!   We just moved to a newer home on Feb. 11th and are enjoying discovering what’s outside our windows …  this is a photo of one of the things we discovered!

I can imagine a lot of great quilts that could be made in response to this picture!


Ann Becker’s view has a furry visitor!

.With all our trees, we never see deer this close to our home. The up side is we have flowers :-). Should be a very interesting quilt!


And of course there’s mine:

So where is your? Please send it soon and get it published!

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