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Otterly Imersed In Art Quilts

I am enthralled with all aspects of quilting, but for the past few years the creativity and challenge of fiber art have really appealed to me. The above quilt was made for the Milwaukee Art Quilter’s challenge: “Self Portrait of the Artist as an Animal”. I felt it was a good pick for my Quilting Life page because it gives you a bit of insight into my slightly wacky mind. I chose to be an otter because they are fun, playful and I spend at least an hour every night reading in the bathtub. I especially enjoy reading quilting magazines and dreaming of my next creation. Many of my art quilts are featured in the Gallery on my website: www.chrisquilts.net.

Art quilts are only a small portion of my overall quilt passion. I collect antique quilts and give a humorous, costumed, lecture about my ecclectic collection. I also enjoy making traditional quilts and teach classes on all aspects of quilting at 2 local technical colleges. As I said in my introductory blog, I enjoy teaching almost as much as making my quilts, so if you belong to a guild, I would appreciate it if you would pass my blog or website addresses along to your program people.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share many of my classes and lectures with guilds and shops across the country (the AQS show in Paducah and IQA in Houston and Chicago are just a few of these venues).

My friend, Wendy Rieves, and I lead quilting adventures on both water and land in the US and Europe. Our next one will be to Italy in October of 2012.

Whew, what a wonderful quilting life! Please visit my website for more information on all of the above: www.chrisquilts.net!



  1. Hi Chris, Your first attempt at a blog is very good … well organized, good pix and useful information. I very much like the idea of the rolling carts. I am currently a bin user, and you’re right, it’s really hard to find stuff after you make a couple of forays into them. Also, I have ended up with 2 additional bins labeled, “Stuff to put away.” Under these circumstances, looking for fabrics for a new project can be the most difficult part of the project. I’m hoping to finish the French Braid hanging from your class in Feb. ASAP. I especially enjoyed doing this one and, amazingly, I was still pleased with my color choices after I had some of it assembled. That doesn’t always happen. Not much time to quilt now that summer is here, so it’ll probably have to wait till fall. I’m looking forward to a fall or winter class or two with you. Is there a nicer group of ladies than quilters? Take care. Ginny

    • Hi Ginny,

      Thanks for the encouragement! Glad your liking the French Braid. I hope to see it sometime soon. Quilters are the best! Blessings, Chris

  2. I hope this works. I’ve been trying to join into the blog.

    Chris, you love machine quilting because you have mastered through much practice. I is now effertless for you. I would often feel very calm (almost Zen-like) when machine quilting. Most of my quilting now is done with my embroidery machine because of how bad my hands are. Maybe after the operations.

    I enjoy every aspect of making a quilt, including borders. They can dramatically change how the quilt will look or be expressed.

    I also love paper piecing & have a book “Foundation Borders” by Hall & Haywood I use a lot. Yes, it is time consuming making a pieced/appliqued border.

    I also just purchased software from Designs in Machine Embroidery to make quilting borders almost effortless. It uses an applique method ‘in the hoop’. I think similar to Replique.

    I try to use the chain method when piecing so if my fancy border uses pieces/fabric from the quilt, I piece & chain along with making the rest of the quilt so when I’m done piecing the quilt, I’m also done piecing the border!! If you know what border you want ahead of time, make the border first, the do the rest of the quilt. Hope this helps :D

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