What’s Your Opinion?

April 8, 2012

In teaching at WCTC, I’m always interested in which classes are popular and why. I enjoy all aspects of quilting and especially like to teach new twists on traditional patterns.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if a class includes “log cabin”, in just about any form, it will fill quickly. I guess we all love that traditional standard.

I tend to prefer teaching technique classes rather than specific projects, but I’m really interested in your feedback. What are you looking for in a class:

Traditional patterns?

Variations on traditional?

New techniques?


Sampler blocks?



Fiber Art and exploring creativity?

Modern Quilts?


Machine Quilting?

Do you like to be challenged to try something new?

Is there a pattern or technique you’ve wanted to learn in a class, but haven’t found it available?

I really appreciate your opinions and feedback.

Now for a little housekeeping:

My website is under construction and should be up and running again very soon. If you tried visiting it for information on our Sew We Go to Italy adventure, I have all the details on a page on this blog. Click here to read all about it!

The deadline for our window view challenge is coming soon (April 15th). I need to get myself motivated back into it and thought some of you might need a reminder too :-)!

And, just in case you were hoping for a new picture of Grandma and Sommer, here it is:

Thanks in advance for your quilt class opinions!



  1. I’ve only taken one of your classes but I love how you took something that looks IMPOSSIBLE to do and made it so very Possible! I don’t know if there are any other block tricks that you know but that would be something that I would love. I’m definitely not a ‘traditional’ quilter though ;)

  2. Hi Chris,

    I would be right in line with “adifferentshade” – definitely not a traditional quilter. I am always looking for new techniques and tricks -not necessarily any particular patterns, just something fun and a bit of a challenge. I tend to be attracted to modern quilts, but sometimes it’s a traditional block in modern fabrics and colors. Most quilters would like a fearless approach to machine quilting – how to tackle a quilt, not just any easy placemat or pillow. We know it takes practice, but taking on a large project is intimidating for most to even get started.

  3. just keep bring classes to Hustisford I would like to do a mariners compass that is not symetrical Also can you bring your 16 in circle to saturdays class

    i would also be interested in sampler quilt and i do like log cabin patterns (with a twist)

    I really need to learn machine quilting techniques I really don’t know where to start

  4. Fiber art and embellishing are things I would enjoy in a class, as it stretches my abilities and can’t be as easily learned from a book or magazine.
    What a beautiful little girl!

  5. Oh my goodness, she is fascinated with her Grandma!! This is so sweet. I am so envious. I want a new baby to snuggle!!

  6. My class choice is almost always Traditional with a twist, or variations on traditional.
    Also, would love to learn to get out of my own way!! Some projects I don’t tackle, thinking, yeah I can’t so that!! When I’m sure I could if I would just get out of my own way!!

  7. Bonnie C. commented via email:
    Guess I like traditionals, with or without a twist. Things that get interpreted differently by each of us as we make our own fabric choices. I alsoenjoy block patterns, samplers, strip piecing projects that look hard and only we know that they were so easy.
    Enjoy using your quilt lab to (slowly) work out my learning curve needs. Within a class I would get terribly far behind and ergo, discouraged. Glad to try to use new colors with the traditionals and samplers. Not interested in machine embellishment skills since so many of my quilts are volunteer-charity quilts and embellishments are not needed/required.
    Hope that is helpful. Oh (PS: I am definitely not a table runner person. They would be instantly stained at my house.) bonnie

  8. Another helpful email comment:
    I like the following things to do in quilting:

    Scrappy – Using what we have to make a project
    Applique – Different ways to do that
    Machine Quilting – To learn more patterns for free motion
    Sampler Blocks – That would be nice to make a hanging
    New Techniques – Anything to make something easier. Also I would like to see that Stained glass look you did with black bias again or have some instructions on it.

    Judy R

  9. And another :-):
    My biggest interest is techniques to use when quilting a pieced top on my regular Viking Diamond. Your hanging technique souned like one to try. How do you pick a design for a qluilt? Especially if you are doing an all-over design? Just general hints of combined the quiting design to a completed “sandwich”? etc, Sheila B

  10. These were all so good I just had to post them from my email:

    Personally, I like traditions with a twist and am always looking for scrappy patterns to (Hopefully..but it never happens) reduce the number of scraps, strips and squares I have. I do machine quilting almost exclusively, like modern designs, and have been very interested in anita Solomon’s interesting piecing techniques. ..and I’m up for a challenge, as long as i like the product!
    ..and the baby is adorable!
    Lucy Z

  11. I would like to learn more about threads. I’m always guessing about what kinds are good, what to use for this or that. I’ve picked up a little from each teacher when I do get to a class – but I would like to know more.
    And – I have never done a log cabin design – so that is also on my list of classes I want to take. And sometime I want to take one of your mariner compass classes.
    So my list is long, my time is limited but I will get it all in:) sometime!
    Debby A

  12. Having just “discovered” you at the recent Fox Valley Tech Quilt Expo, I would love to connect with your machine quilting classes. I was intrigued with your designs that carried quilting out into the borders on projects you had with you.
    I agree with a statement on your blog…technique above project. But if the project itself presents a different technique then the project class will be strong.
    Sharon O

  13. I just couldn’t resist replying to you regarding future classes. Based on personal experience, I know that I am not a traditional quilter. I like my quilts asymmetrical with bright colors and don’t want the same block repeated. Many quilts that I see in magazines I can figure out myself. So, what do I want from a class? The quilt would have me asking…..how did they do that? I’m looking for something that would have my stamp on it and not a copycat of someone else.

    I guess I’m looking for creativity without being too over the top. Does this help at all?

    Still want to take classes but It needs a twist! I love Sharon Rotz’s freedom blocks. You never know what you’ll end up with.

    Jan B

  14. Traditional patterns. I’m old fashioned and like traditional blocks.
    Kathleen S.

  15. It seems easy to find patterns for scrappy quilts, but choosing the scraps to use is a different matter. A class on that could give confidence. I get going on a scrap quilt, only to find that I am not satisfied with what I have and then go out and buy more fabric. Now my stash is growing instead of dwindling.

  16. I tend to prefer to learn new techniques rather than start a new project. I’m always afraid I’ll be starting a new UFO! I tend to go for creativity/art quilts, or traditional with a twist, especially piecing.

    Lori S.

  17. I’m always interested in improving my machine quilting. Couldn’t take your class this month–maybe next one. I miss the classes at Watertown, oh well–
    Your new granddaughter is adorable! She certainly adores you! I’m so happy for you! Jeri S.

  18. Just wanted to let you know that we have five members from your March 7th machine quilting class for the Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild, bring completed machine quilted projects to the April Guild meeting, including the machine quilting novice, Marilyn. Thanks again for your confidence building class and expertise.

    So not sure what classes I would be looking for, but seems like the machine quilting class is one that you should keep.
    Carolyn V.

  19. My ideas for future classes would be samplers, scrappy, paper piecing and maybe one day open labs.

  20. Hi Chris-

    I’d like to try a circle quilt using a 10degree wedge ruler.
    Also learn how to “square it off” when finished so it can be
    used on a bed.


  21. A drafting class would be nice and or a class combining traditonal techniques with new techniques all on on one quilt.

  22. I like learning new ,faster techniques.I would like to take a class in your Mariners compass. I like art quilts but rarely do anyhting that free. I would like to do some embellishment.
    I can admire others scrappy but am not attracted in that for myself. enjoyed your talk at WI Historical Museum

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