Welcome Sommer!

March 18, 2012

Last week’s “snowman in the window” picture is but a chilly memory, considering we’ve had temperatures in the 70’s here for over a week. That is not just odd – it’s unbelievable for March in Wisconsin. Many are speculating as to the reason, but I have my own theory – my granddaughter was born this past Monday and her name is Sommer Elizabeth. So Sommer is here  :-)

6 lbs 15 oz and 21″ long, with lots of dark hair ……. we’re all thrilled! Thanks for letting me share our joy.

So what does the view from my window look like today?

Quite a change, but I am still excited about making a small quilt from the picture with the snowman. I’m thinking of thread painting the entire scene on a vintage white damask napkin. I’ve never thread painted an entire scene and I think it will be quite challenging. I think this challenge should be  about trying something new.

A number of you responded to the challenge, and  so far 3 have sent me pictures which have been posted to the Window View Challenge page on this blog. Click here to see them.

I’m looking forward to  receiving more pictures and there is still time to get in on the fun. The quilts can be any size, from  a post card on up.  The prize will be an autographed copy of my new book: Compass Capers (which should be available for purchase through my website very, very soon). So send me a picture of your view at clkquilt@gmail.com, and join in on the challenging fun!



  1. Congratulations Grandma!

  2. Just becoming a grandmother myself, I am sure your theory is absolutely correct. The warming of your heart alone is enough to change the weather. Your grandchild is beautiful and your life has a new joy to it. Congratulations.

  3. Sommer is a beautiful baby. A wonderful and joyful addition to your family.

  4. Precious! Another blessing in your life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congratulations to new mommy and daddy and to grandma and grandpa, too. (notice I didn’t say “old grandma and grandpa!!)

  6. So very happy for all of you. How wonderful and fitting that she start her life in the spring of the year. I know you will enjoy all the days, months and years that are coming her way. Enjoy all of it.
    Hugs Barb

  7. Just went with my granddaughter to look for her wedding dress so the wonders will just keep coming. congrats to both of you. Jacquie

  8. Thanks for sharing your new grandbaby’s picture. Sommer is beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful spring gift. Congratulations to all of you! Have fun!

  10. Congratulations! Sommer is absolutely adorable! Knowing how small her Mommy is I can’t believe her size!
    You are one lucky grandmother–but you deserve it!

  11. Chris, thank you so much for sharing her with us. She is just beautiful. She has a pretty amazing gramma, too!! Bet that glow on your face stays there for years to come.

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