Word Quilts

January 16, 2012

Last week I posted about free motion quilting around appliqués and this week I’d like to tell you about that quilt. My niece Kaitlin was married on December 30 and back in November my Mom and I had a shower for her. While planning the event Mom mentioned that it would be nice to hang a banner from the loft (we live in a log home and our bedroom overlooks the living room). I thought about printing one on paper, but then inspiration hit ….

I appliquéd each letter of Kaitlin and Marty’s names on a quilt block, using my Repliqué technique (from my second book: Snuggle & Learn Quilts for Kids), and hung them from a clothesline.

Then I made those blocks into a cuddly lap quilt as my wedding gift to them!

So here’s the beautiful new couple:

And here’s the quilt:

It was an enjoyable project and I even found matching flannel for the back!

Waukesha County Technical College – Quilting Classes

The new semester is just underway and I wanted to mention a few of my upcoming classes (Wendy is teaching some great classes too and all the information can be found at www.wctc.edu ; click on class search; scroll down and type “quilting” in the “Course Title/Subject” box and click on submit)

My “Open Lab” classes are a great place to get quilts finished while spending time with a wonderful group of quilters on Thursday afternoon. There are three sessions this semester and each one is four weeks long.

I’m also offering these one day workshops:

Fabric Silhouettes 

Saturday, Feb. 11

Learn to create silhouettes in fabric with this fun, free motion satin stitch technique. The class project will be a floral design, but we’ll also discuss how any picture – a grandchild at play, a friend’s profile, a cherished pet, etc. — could be created using this simple technique.

Irish Chain – Friday, Feb. 24

Create a charming, traditional double Irish Chain quilt, with simple strip piecing techniques, in plenty of time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Simply Dynamic – Saturday, March 10

By using just two different fabrics and a simple block, create an amazing variety of quilt designs. The only challenge is deciding which arrangement is your favorite! This course is designed for quilters of all levels.

Beyond Meandering Friday, April 13 Students will learn spirals, leaves, stars, snowflakes and so much more! Make quilting the quilt as much fun as stitching the top. Bring along a quilt top and we’ll brainstorm how to quilt it.


  1. love the silhouette quilts. are you going to be doing a mariners compass soon. you have inspired me and i want to start now.


    • Hi Beryl, I will be doing a number of Mariner’s classes in the area – next semester at WCTC and 2 classes this semester at Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc. I’ll be putting the information on my blog when they get close. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Love the whole cloth quilting. On Meandering Friday are you going to actually quilt or just talk about how to choose a pattern for a specific quilt?

    • Hi Jack, I’m assuming you are referring to the Friday, Beyond Meandering class at WCTC. On that day the students will spend the entire morning practicing loads of quilting patterns and in the afternoon we will do a bit more stitching and then brainstorm how to quilt tops brought in by those in the class. Hope this helps!

  3. I love the silhouette quilt, however I am away that day. Will there be another class for it or is there a book or pattern I can get for it?

    • Hi Pat, I don’t have another silhouette class scheduled, but it is done with my replique technique (and I know you are familiar with that). The beauty is that it’s just 2 layers like the words in Snuggle & Learn.

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