Leftovers Revisited

December 11, 2011

After the previous “Leftovers” post I received an email from Lucy Zeldenrust. Lucy is from Manitowoc, WI and she shared another great idea for using those coordinated leftovers:

Here is what I do with leftovers…after I have ‘overcut’ , I can sometimes get a small lap quilt or crib quilt out of the pieces, possibly with the additions of another fabric.  My favorite, however, is to put the leftover bits, pieces, strips and small amount of fabric from a project into a zip lock bag, and put them into my “leftover box”  When the church, senior center, Nature center, etc. need something for a raffle, it is a pretty quick job to whip out a pillow or two or three from these already matched/coordinated  pieces.  I’m attaching 2 photos of the front and back  of a ‘leftover’ pillow. (I make and quilt two small “quilts” then sew them together to form  the pillow )  I have even occasionally handed them out to my small quilt group (where we do whatever the monthly hostess passes out) and asked them to make a 14 or 16″ square from them(adding whatever they wish) for a future pillow.  Got some interesting and (mostly ) attractive results.

This was just so clever, I had to share it.  Thanks Lucy!

So, how do you use up your leftovers?

Merry Christmas!

I’ve decided to take a short “blog break” during this beautiful season. There is so much to keep me busy while celebrating the birth of the Savior and I know you are all busy too. So, I’ll get right back at it after January 1st. I wish you all a blessed Christmas, Chris


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Are you going to do a mariners compass class this year?

    • Hi Beryl, Yes! With the book coming out I’m planning a number of classes in various places. Please stay tuned :-)!

  2. Lucy’s results are terrific! I like the challenge of working with limited resources. Sometimes it is easier than having too many choices. i tend to put my leftovers into the back piecing the areas where I need to join bigger sections of fabric.I have found some of the leftovers from those patterns that have you piece and then cut up the piecing, go together in interesting ways and tie into the front as kind of a reminder of how it started. The other thing I have started doing is cutting my small leftovers into 2′, 2.5, 1.5″ strips and or squares and store them to be ready to go in scrap projects which I love. Thanks Bonnie Hunter for helping to get me organized.!

  3. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas all year round Have a Blessed Christmas. Looking forward to attending you class offerings in Hustisford in the New Year

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Looking forward to your class at WCTC in January. Enjoy your blog every week!

  5. Great ideas here for leftovers; now if I could ever take the time to ‘get at it.’ Re Lucy’s pillows, they are great, but you wouldn’t even have to quilt them, just piece and put together as a pillow.

    Chris, I enjoy your blog and ideas. Thanks so much.
    Both Bob and I wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Love from us to you and yours.

  6. Mary Miller emailed me this comment:
    “I have started putting all my really small leftovers in a zipped pillowcase. When I get it filled, I plan to see if our local animal shelter would like it for a dog/cat bed.”

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