Italy Update

August 21, 2011

As many of you already know, Wendy and I are planning to take our next Sew-We-Go adventure in Italy.

The good news is that Peggy, our travel expert, has some wonderful ideas to make this trip very special for quilters. The bad news is that she has run into a few road blocks for a May, 2012 departure. We were so pleased with the unique quilterly touches Peggy arranged for us in Ireland (meeting with the Irish Patchwork Society along with numerous quilt shop stops, just to name a few) that we’ve told her we are willing to wait to have her plan the best trip possible in Italy.

We are now looking towards an October 2012 trip. Some of the highlights we’re planning are:

Tours of Rome,


including the Vatican and the Sistene Chapel!



 Tours of Florence & Sienna!


Staying in a villa in Tuscany complete with cooking lessons!

Meeting with Italian quilters!



and of course food, art, history, stitching and making new friends!


We’re hopeful that the wait will also gain us a cost savings. The airlines will not commit to pricing more than a year out, so we have to wait a little longer, but we’ll let you know the details the moment they’re available. We appreciate your patience and look forward to your joining us :-)!


  1. Sounds great – hope I can join you!!!

  2. This sounds wonderful, October was a great time in Ireland, it should be good in Italy. Grape harvest will be in full swing and thier fall colors. I can’t wait!
    Karen Heine

  3. I have been trying to plan a trip to Italy for years but with my husband health not good enough to travel to Europe I have no one to travel with. This sounds like a great way to get there and meet new friends

    • I hope we will be able to have you join us :-). Wendy and I will keep you posted on the details! Blessings,

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