Find a Fabric, Find a Blog

June 20, 2011

Blogging was something I feared for quite awhile, but since being encouraged by my friend Di, I’ve discovered that blogs are a wonderful teaching and sharing tool. Recently Laura shared a few quilt blog directories with me that I have now linked to. I’m hoping we’ll get more quilters reading this blog, so the sharing and learning can increase!

I was especially excited about a site I found through Quilter Blogs.  Many of my students have asked about sites for finding fabric that they’ve run short of. This one is great! You simply click on:   http://www.findmyfabric.com/images/add/, upload a picture of your fabric (they make this step easy) and they’ll send you information on shops that carry your fabric or something similar to it!

Quilt Qua not only has a directory for blogs, but a listing of quilting teachers also

Quilting Blogger is a directory that finds bloggers, shops and guilds by location. An excellent resource if you are doing a bit of traveling!

I hope you find these sites helpful :-).


One comment

  1. What good news– to be able to locate a precious fabric when you are needing more. It will be a great help for many to know about these sites. Thanks for the information.

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