My Favorite Part of Spring

April 25, 2011

As I write this blog, I’m sitting in Paducah with my dear friend Wendy Rieves. We drove down on Saturday during patches of sunshine and areas of rain. The flowers in Athur, Il were beautiful:

We’ve converted our motel room into a temporary studio with 2 sewing stations, a cutting table and a pressing area.


We’ll find time this week to help hang the show, take classes, giggle, stitch, eat; catch up with old friends and make new ones. What a magical place during the AQS show!

Over the years I’ve been blessed to room with many wonderful friends, but for the past 13 Wendy and I have been a team. Whether leading Sew We Go adventures in Europe or heading here each Spring, She and I just travel well together. What a blessing!

It’s difficult to believe that this is my 22nd trip to Quilt City USA. In 1989; a year after I learned to quilt; Sharon Grieve  and Carol Carr invited me to travel to Paducah and help hang a quilt show. I responded “Where’s Paducah?” They explained and I kindly thanked them for asking while explaining that I couldn’t go away for 5 days and leave my family to fend for themselves. Then I went home and told my husband about their crazy idea and he said “have fun”. I don’t think he anticipated it becoming a yearly pilgrimage!

Up until last year I’ve been fortunate to have stayed at the Executive Inn each time. I have so many fond memories of staying there: the convenience of being attached to the convention center, the large rooms (big enough for 2 full beds and 2 roll aways during the “the more the merrier” years and for 3 quilters with machines and a passion to stitch in recent times). That all was torn down last year with the demolition of the Executive Inn. Things change, but thanks to Bill and Meredith Schroeder and so many dear, hard working people in Paducah, the fun continues.

I’ve been to many of the big quilt shows in the US and, in my opinion, this one is the best because the entire city rolls out the red carpet and makes us feel so welcome. I hope to show you a bit of why I’m crazy about Paducah each day. I’ll share a few current photos and throw in a few past pics just for fun. So, if you’re so inclined, please read along!


  1. Lucky, lucky, lucky you and Wendy. Hope you both have a wonderful week in Paducah. Greetings from both Pat and Bob, and thanks for the memories of Paducah when we were there and of the Alaskan Cruise.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my name… many wonderful fun years we spent hanging the show and trekking around Paducah.
    We also were there during a flood year with local tornadoes and we stayed at the Executive Inn with water under us in the parking area…had to come and go thru the flood gates… we survived and we hung the show in the Executive as that was the only place that we had. Azaleas were fantastic that year and so was the show and the Paducah people. I miss the lunches at the 9th Street house and the Ice Tea that even Sharon drank…and loved….even tho she didn’t drink tea!! Hmmm, maybe it was the waiter?! And yes, the Schreader Publishing people are the BEST! What a great group of people that make you feel like you’re family!!
    Have a Super Time.. was fun to reminisce… the worst of the storms should be tonite so if y’all survive that you’ll be in great shape!
    Green with envy in chilly wet central Wisconsin.

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