Well Behaved Beads II

February 18, 2011

Trying to pick up tiny beads, with a tiny needle, which is tethered by a thread to your work can be aggravating. A few years back I came up with a way to make those beads behave and the magic tool is clear mailing tape! It’s really quite simple:

1.  Wrap a piece of mailing tape, sticky side out, around the forefinger of your non-dominant hand (left, if you’re right handed).

2.  Pour the beads onto a flat surface and dip your taped finger into them.

3.  Knot your thread and bring it up through the quilt where the bead needs to go, pick a bead off the tape with the tip of the needle, attach the bead and repeat.

Voila! Beading can be done in the doctor’s office, at kid’s sporting events and even in a moving vehicle. One of the best advantages of this technique is that the beads are close to the work area and so, as the thread gets shorter, the beads are easy to reach.

Have fun beading!



  1. Chris-
    This beading tip with the packaging tape is fantastic. Not only does it keep the beads close at hand, it can avoid the inevitable spills of those tiny beads. Can’t wait to try this tip.

  2. Chris –
    You never cease to amaze me. Thank you so much for this very ingenious tip. I’ll look forward to the next beading project.

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