January 9, 2011

While taking the photograph of my “3 Pin” technique for last week’s blog, I broke the gate leg on my sewing machine cabinet. My dear husband was kind enough to attempt a repair, but that required pulling everything out and flipping it over in the middle of the room.

This allowed me to view all the dust bunnies that were hiding behind the machine and a new adventure began. Here’s the way my studio looks now:

And another angle with Mike hard at work :-)!

Now don’t you feel better about the condition of your space?

The problem with projects like this is that one thing leads to another and there are some cleaning/reorganizing things that just need to be done. Like…………….


The tv that sits next to my machine is old, big and still has a dial that clicks when you change channels. It has to go! So now I need a new, small flat screen tv and I’ll have to find some sort of extra storage to go beneath it (reorganizing always seems to have a price tag attached). While purchasing the tv I was informed that the microwave (just to the right of the tv) shouldn’t sit next to it, so I’m pulling everything off the counters and shelves and hope to come up with some great new studio set up ideas. Hopefully Thursday’s post will prove quite interesting.

Any suggestions while I’m at it???

 PS This really isn’t helping the fact that the latest Milwaukee Art Quilter’s challenge deadline was moved up and I’m only at the designing stage. That’s what keeps life interesting :-)!


  1. As Tom would say, “cleaning, huh” whenever he sees an impossible-to-walk-through-mess in my room. Glad to see you life is the same, good friend. And, by the way, you will never find anything again because it will be in its new, logical, perfect, but never remember space.

  2. Try again! Good Morning, Chris. Mike has a favorite phrase. “Cluttered desk. Uncluttered mind.” It used to drive his director crazy. The director enjoyed polishing his desk every morning before answering his phone for the first time. I have uncluttered my space and moved everything to the (windowless) basement so that our wonderful retirement room can be a place for all to sit and relax. It has taken me 3 days to figure out where the new rotary blades are now stored. I lost my tool box in a new location. All is now well. I found them. Now if I could just find that bolt of white on white fabric for some lattice. Where is it? …bonnie

  3. Must be the week for “cleaning out”. Just went there when had to move out my sewing table to do something. My dust bunnies had baby bunnies. Nice and clean now (until the next time).

  4. Okay, this is a test, Chris.

  5. Everything looks wonderful, Chris. It is quite a challenge to reorganize things because now you will have to think twice, ‘where did I put that, it was here before.’ LOL I hope you enjoy working on your Milwaukee Art Quilter’s Challenge in your new setting. All my projects just sit on my Daybed which is the guest/quilting room, and sadly, are just waiting to be picked up and fondled and sewn. FB has way distracted me. Oops! Hope I haven’t rambled on too much.

    • Hooray, it came through!

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