November 23, 2010

I enjoy taking on a quilting challenge! Please understand, I don’t mean that I like it when I’ve sewn an entire seam right side to wrong side and I’m challenged to do 40″ of unsewing! A challenge made by other quilters is what excites me. Whether a fabric is chosen and a variety of stitchers are asked to do something original or an organization comes up with a contest, I can’t resist jumping in.

Last week the program chair at Wandering Foot Quilt Guild (thanks Jody) challenged the members to put a UFO in a brown paper bag, along with all it’s components, and exchange it at their next meeting. Each member was asked to complete the UFO they picked up and it would be their’s to keep. Doesn’t it sound like more fun to finish someone elses project than  one of your own that’s hit a dead end? I’m intrigued. (to read more about UFO’s click on that category in the right hand column)

I’ve also been challenged in other ways by some of you through this blog. I’m still thinking about my Liberty of London fabric thanks to the challenge from Pat. That one is in the “marinating” stage :-).

What’s the most interesting challenge or contest you’ve participated in? I’ll tell you my favorite on Friday!

One comment

  1. my little sewing group of 5 just finished a round robin of borders. We each handed off a center with some fabrics and any size or shape desires and exchanged every 2 months. Some rounds needed only simple borders but we each did whatever best moved the design on. I think we all pushed ourselves more than we would have done on our own pieces. Each one was completely different (from a 30’s painted and embroidered muslin through whimsical pieced and applique, country applique,UFO of a star and a state star block) and we really impressed ourselves!

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