Too Beautiful

November 8, 2010

Mary Beth made a comment last week that inspired this week’s topic. She said she had received a piece of fabric in an exchange with a quilter in Africa and it was too special and unique to cut into. Haven’t we all been there? In 1989 my husband and I vacationed in London. Liberty’s of London was at the top of my list of destinations because I’d heard so much about their fabrics. They were beautiful and had a lovely silky feel. My husband was indulgent and I purchased a meter of 3 different yards and a few scraps from a bin. For years I would take them out and pet them and then put them right back in the purple plastic Liberty bag (duh!). That’s where I found them today.

This reminds me of a quote from Ricky Tims: “If you never use it, you’ll never use it”. I used to love it. Now I don’t. What a waste.

Admit it. You’ve done the same. Please let me know your philosophy on this issue by commenting at the end of this post and I’ll have a few comments on Thursday :-).


  1. Chris,
    I challenge you to find some fabrics that you love to go with these and make another masterpiece. You’ll love that you did it and that you incorporated those fabrics.

  2. Sometimes it is a matter of finding just the right showcase for them. I have some Liberty scraps too, and some fabrics from new Zealand and some from australia plus some William Morris 10″ squares. I am closest to using the William morris prints because I saw what someone else had done and it was beautiful and simple! I will feel better when I actually use them. I rediscovered my NZ prints this a.m. I have long since put the Oz fabrics in with my stash.

  3. OK, my fabrics are not from such exotic locales! But I DO have some yards that I take out, stroke and admire, and then put back in my stash. AND ~ I’ve actually used some of them this past year… hubby being out of work has forced me to shop my stash! I have projects in mind for some of the pieces left in my stash, and some of my beauties I’ve cut into charm squares for a ‘future’ project. So I’m with Ricky – ya gotta use ’em. Then you can look at the finished project and remember when you bought them (in all your far-flung locales) and smile at the memories!

  4. I too have a few pieces that I take out, look at dream of what I should do with them, and put them back, lately I’ve been using more and more of them after life is too short not to use our favorite pieces of fabric.

  5. As you well know I purchased some NICE fabric that I must have just loved at the time of purchase. After keeping for way too long and forgetting what pattern I was gong to use, I now really don’t know why I bought it. A differnt quilt of this fabric is done and my husband loves it, but why and what should it have been?? MMMMM

  6. My solution to fabrics I no longer like are either to use them as backing on quilts or to put them into the pile to use on Charity quilts that I make for Operation Smile–who give them to poor children who are turned away from having the cleft lip, cleft palate surgery in countries like India, China, etc. I haven’t kept count, but have made over 30 quilts for this charity already.

  7. Chris,
    I’ll bet if you decide you’re going to use them and start the project, you’ll find you love them and have great memories of your trip in the process.

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