A Good Read II

October 8, 2010

I enjoyed reading everyone’s magazine choices and was a bit embarassed that there are so many quilters who are better organized on this topic than I am.

The 3 subscriptions I currently receive are Quilter’s Newsletter (I like the variety of information), American Quilter (high quality photos and I enjoy seeing all the winning quilts from their many shows) and Machine Quilting Unlimited. This last one is fairly new, but I have found many informative and helpful articles in each issue. I truly devour them cover to cover :-)!

Here’s my storage system: I leave many scattered around the house and then put them in boxes with the pages I like dog earred. Then I seldom ever go back through the boxes (I didn’t say it was a good system :-).  A dear friend helped us move into this home 6 years ago and at one point, a lid fell off the box of quilt magazines he was carrying. When he realized what he was lugging, he set the box down and said he was happy to help, but he drew the line at old mags! That should have been a hint, but I’ve continued to pack them in boxes anyways.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to my many old boxes, but I have a new plan for future arrivals:

When I’ve finished with a new issue I’ll copy those articles I’m interested in and donate the entire magazine to my guild or give it away in my classes. That way no quilter will be disappointed by  missing pages (thanks Char!). It sounds good, now to actually put it into practice.

One comment

  1. I just weeded out many magazines. I have a roll under the bed storage for my old ones. And the current ones are usually in a wooden box that is on a table ( the box is turned sideways so the opening is facing my bed) which on top of the box is my TV.. the current magazines are put in that box laying flat. I will go through the ones under the bed and take out the articles I want to keep. Then donate them to guild or goodwill. I take the articles and put them in my file cabinet in a folder. I keep all my quilting arts magazines and I have kept the 1,000 dollar contest magazines ( I think those are from a few years ago.) Soooo I continue to rotate them from one place to another. I also tend to keep some of my favorites.

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