A Good Read

October 3, 2010

The topic of the week is actually “magazines”.

There are many good ones out there and they’re hard to resist. There’s so much great information available from this wonderful resource and they can be added to the list of something else we love to collect. I know quilter’s who are running out of space in their studios, but can’t bring themselves to part with a single back issue of Quilter’s Newsletter….not one out of all ten boxes! Ok, so they are habit forming.

So here are the questions:

Which one is your favorite and why?

Do you keep them, and if so, how do you store/organize them?

If you don’t keep them, what do you do with them?

I’ll share my thoughts in Thursday’s post and as a bonus today I’ll share my best advice when it comes to quilting magazines:

Don’t read them right before bed. The inspiration will keep you from ever getting to sleep (I speak from experience :-)!



  1. I love the visual and tactileness of magazines. People say the internet will make magazines a thing of the past – I don’t think so. If anything they will become an eclectic novelty with even greater value.

    I tend to keep magazines with the best photography and look at them over and over for inspiration. I like any of them put out by Fiberarts publishing.

    Some I store on bookshelves, others in those cardboard organizers you buy in office stores, and unfortunately lots more are scattered around the house, in the bathroom and wherever. Obviously, I will never have a showcase-tidy house!

  2. I get the Better Homes & Garden quilt magazine, and I have a number of McCall’s quilt magazines that my aunt in Iowa has gifted me.
    I love looking at them for inspiration. As a relatively new quilter, and a traditional-type piecer, some of the ‘artier’ types of quilts just wow me – and inspire me to move out of my comfort zone sometimes!
    I am lucky enough to have lots of bookshelves and cupboards in which I can store my magazines. I also have a big Longaberger basket next to ‘my’ chair in our family room that I keep the most recently received magazines, and projects I’m currently working on, in so that they’re always handy for perusal!

  3. QUILTER’N NEWLETTER AND McCALL’S QUILTING ARE MY FAVORITES–QN for info on what is happening in the world of quilting and new techniques,and McCall’s for beautiful patterns.

  4. I’ve probably subscribed to all of them at one time or another. McCalls were lovely but I didn’t like so many 7/8″ cuts in directions. I get Fons and Porter at the moment, but did not subscribe again. Not enough variety for me.
    I managed the storage problem with magazines by giving myself the time to go through each one to rip out those patterns that I would probably use someday. Now I have 2 looseleaf notebooks filled with them and realize I will never get a chance to try them all. With classes from Wendy and Chris, I will always have better ideas than in many of those I have stored away. Scrap Queen Bonnie

  5. I had been keeping most of my quilters magazines but I find it easier to just cut out the things that really interest me then toss the rest, otherwise too many dust collectors.

  6. I love to look at magazines, an the best one is the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler. It now comes out twice a year an I have made more quilts out of their patterns than out of the Quilting books I have purchased. I save all of this magazine ,an Have them in a basket in my sewing room, other magazines I will tear out the quilt I like an maybe someday will make, an If none pleases me I bring it to quild an let someone else pick it up for free, also known as recycling, now if I just give up some fabric.

  7. My favorite is probably the first one I subscribed to: Quiltmaker. But I have subscribed to many more since then. There is no storage plan in my house. If I see two or more quilts in a mag, I’ll keep it, but will probably never find it again after a couple of months.

  8. my favorites are BH&G American Patchwork and Quilting and Quilters Newsletter. I have all my back issues of those. Others I have subscribed to, I keep for a number of years and then tear out what still interests me and pass them on to my new-to- quilting friends. If something I dog eared when I first got the magazine still interests me I know I have to put it on a to do list!

  9. My favorite is Quiltmaker. When I first started quilting I subscribed to many, Quiltmaker is the only one now. I file them in portable racks that hold several magazines, then put them on my shelf, and look at them when I am upset, calms me right down. Mary Minich

  10. I do not save the entire magazine, I tear out only the patterns or ideas that I want to be able to view again. I put them in clear 3 ring binder sleeves, all pattern pages in one sleeve – each page in separate sleeves became too cumbersome. I have 10 or so 3″ to 4″ binders sorted by categories. When I need something retro, I look in that binder, art quilts, scrappy, patriotic, baby, etc. Periodically I weed out some things I am no longer interested in, but not many. At least I do not have to spend hours+ looking for something in particular.

  11. I too have subscribed to most quilting magazines over the years. I seem to love them all. I keep the ones that interest me in magazine bins that show the spine. When I need inspiration, I grab a few and look through them while watching TV. If they no longer have anything in them that I would ever make, I donate them to my local library where they are sold for a quarter to the next quilter! I never donate a magazine that may have something torn out of it. There is nothing worse than finding an idea in a used magazine only to discover there is a page or two missing.

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