Which Rulers Rule?

September 20, 2010

Time for another true confession. I not only own every marking tool ever made, but I collect quilting rulers too. Some are essential, some are not worth the money I paid for them, and some are just really nice for special times. My choice for essential? If I could only own one ruler (how awful that would be!) it would be a 6″ x 24″. I’m partial to Omnigrid™, but would take any that don’t include that pesky added 1/2″ (6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″). I like to have the freedom to measure from both sides of the ruler and that extra 1/2″ really drives me crazy.

#2 would have to be a 6″ square. These are my bare bones choices and I’m really grateful I don’t have to stop there. Bigger squares and other rectangles just make quilting easier. What about you? Which is your #1 choice?

 My third choice, hands down, would have to be the June Tailor Shape Cut™. I find this ruler great for beginners as well as seasoned quilters. I use it often! The size of it holds the fabric stable and the slots make cutting multiple strips and shapes a breeze. For a number of years I was blessed with the opportunity to do consulting work for June Tailor™. I would travel around the country demonstrating their products. It always amazed me how many people owned this ruler and didn’t know all it could do….. and with great accuracy! Perhaps that’s a topic for another post.

We haven’t even touched the surface of the specialty ruler domain. These are rulers that are helpful for one particular pattern or technique. I have a favorite here too, but want to save it for my Thursday post. Do you have a favorite specialty ruler? Please share if you do!


  1. Hello, my favorite ruler would be the 8″ x 24″. Really really useful. You are right about the extra 1/2″ on some rulers. grrrrrr

  2. I do love the shape cut ruler but I couldn’t live without my 6 1/2 by 12 in ruler my favorite brand is creative grids love,love,love that brand

  3. I am in agreement with you on all of your ruler choices. The 6 x 24 is my most used and most loved! I also like my 3 x 18 as well as the Shape Cut. My most loved specialty ruler would have to be the Add a Quarter or the No Math Flying Geese. Too hard to just choose one ruler – I have so many like you do!

  4. I love my 41/2 x 14. I started with it and have always gone back to it. I like the thought of supporting WI made items. Most of all I like that is lines are not flat so you ruler will catch and not slide as much.

    • What kind of ruler is it that is made in WI and has lines that are not flat?

      • Quilter’s Rule is located in Waterford, WI. Their rulers are great. You can visit their site at http://www.quiltersrule.com/.

      • Quilting Rules in Waterford Wi. The ruler is flat but the measure markes are raised and helps keep the ruler in place. They have a web site under the same name. Take a look they have many things.

  5. 6 x 24 in the neon gets used the most, then 6.5. I do smaller quilts so like the accuracy you get when using the 4″ omni that has 1/8″ marking. Also use the omnigrid #96 and #98. They are used to mark strips for half squares triangles (just like Thangles), quarter squares triangles, setting triangles, etc.

  6. I’m a fan of the shape cutter too. It makes for great accuracy. But my all time favorite is my O’Lipfa 5 x 24 that has little points that hold the fabric when you press the handle so it doesn’t slip. I have to really watch that one when I go to retreats. One ruler that I wish I could find is a 7 1/2″. Seems like I’m always having to square up 7 1/2 blocks.

  7. Well, how can we do without those rectangular rulers? I particularly do NOT like rulers with 1/2 inch added to sides (ie: 6.5, 12.5 etc)because I forget the 1/2 is there and misscut!…..but I DO love my Easy Angle for making 1/2 square triangles…it is by far the best, reusable way to make those important squares.

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