Inspiration Time

July 25, 2010

Quilters can be inspired by so many different things – nature, books, patterns and even blogs. The possibilities are just about limitless. Art quilters have many different sources of inspiration. Much of my fiber art is inspired by my relationship with Jesus. Last year the quilt I made for the Milwaukee Art Quilter’s challenge: “Portals” was an example of my faith being the inspiration for a quilt.

It is entitled “The Narrow Gate” and represents a portal to heaven through the cross. The leaves on the tree are printed with Scripture verses explaining this amazing gift. Portals won first place in the Ultimate Guild Challenge at the AQS show in Knoxville last year!

What inspires you? I believe many of you are often inspired by taking classes because that’s how we met. On Thursday I’ll touch on some of the exciting, new classes I’ve planned for the Fall. Until then I’d enjoy hearing about your inspirations! Please click on “comment” and share.


  1. People (Dear Ones) inspire me. Their names, hand prints, what they do, how they do it, their favorite colors, the words that inspire them; all these aspects find their way into my LoveLights(c). You, Chris, are also an inspiration to me and have been for quite some time. I admire your talent,your drive, and your accomplishments, not to mention your deep Faith. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I fear that my inspiration for a quilt is not as lofty as yours! I keep looking at all the small pieces in my sewing room ( and big pieces too!) and I love scrap quilts….I have recently purchased a book called “Adventures with Leaders and Enders” by Bonnie K. Hunter…..instead of using little scraps of fabric at the beginning and ending of each sewn seam, you use two 2″ squares (rt side together) continuing to make 4 patches, or 9 patches…the quilts are fabulous and I want to make all of them!! Claire

    • Bonnie Hunter is quite an inspiration! Her enthusiasm is contagious. After attending her lecture I couldn’t stop myself from organizing my scraps and a fun quilt resulted.

  3. I regularly take job-related classes and find so much inspiration there, both for my graphic design work and for outside interests such as quilting.

    Taking classes expands my creative thinking. The assignments are usually different than the work I do, which forces me to think outside my usual box. But the greatest benefit is the chance to hang out with other creatives and share ideas. I’ve been in my industry almost 20 years and I still benefit from every class I take. There’s always something new to learn.

  4. I’ve been inspired by other quilts (bits of them, not the whole thing), phrases (on a church sign: “Have faith, Moses was a basket case, too!”), things I see in nature (saucer magnolia/tulip tree petals that had been run over by a bicycle) and even the most mundane things in the house (miniblinds). If they have a pattern or give me a quilt name idea, they start me thinking.

  5. I like your tree with the portal. Inspirational and executed well!

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