Fabric Shortage

July 12, 2010

“Oh no! I’m in the middle of a project and I’ve run out of one of the fabrics. I loved it, so I bought a whole yard! I thought it would be enough, but it isn’t.” Has this ever happened to you?

It happens to me quite often. Perhaps because I’m frugal and seldom buy more than a yard of anything when impulse/stash shopping. Then I’m forced to be creative.

I’ll share some of my fixes in Thursday’s post. What about you? Do you just shove the project in a pile and plan to deal with it later? Are you one of those people who knows how to search for a particular fabric on the web? Do you recommend any websites for this? Feel free to comment :-)!


  1. it happens to me all the time, not only with sewing

  2. Oh yes, it has happened to me. Once on a very special quilt for my son. I searched the Internet and still just bought a small amount. Ran short so did similar colors, different fabric, and finished two corners with that to complete the quilt. It worked!
    I just search the web for the manufacturer’s name and ‘ta-da’ sites show up.

  3. I’m pretty good at finding fabrics online, but I seldom have to do it for myself. I’m one of those quilters who believes that if five fabrics is good, fifteen is better. If I need more of a particular fabric, I just find another piece that is similar. (I have a GINORMOUS stash, so that isn’t difficult!)

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