Quilt Books II

July 1, 2010

Books are a great source of inspiration. A dear non-quilting friend once told me that people collect many things just for the joy of owning them. Stamps, thimbles, baseball cards, even cars.

They don’t have to “use” them to justify having them. That is how I look at my quilt library. Even if I never make a project from each book, if I’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures, reading about a new technique, or was inspired by color choices,  it was a worthwhile purchase. Being an author I hope you add to your quilting library often :-).

That being said – what great organizational fixes did I come up with? Well, your comments were a big help. I realized that many of the books I own I recognize by title or subject more often than author or publisher, so I decided to make piles by category: piecing, applique, artsy, history, etc. Then I put them on the shelf alphabetically by author’s last name within the category. I also made a list in the same order on my computer. That way I know at a glance what I have. I did go to “librarything.com” and found it very interesting, but decided having my own list on my computer was sufficient. The amazing thing is the picture looks the same as in my last post(ha!ha!). Changing the order didn’t change the picture much!

I also found a few books that no longer interest me. They are in the “donate to the guild library” pile. This made a little room :-). But the best part was I discovered 2 books that have inspired me on my next project. If I hadn’t gone through the library I wouldn’t have thought of them! Hooray!

Thank you all for your input and the inspiration to do something I’d been putting off for a long time. Hopefully many of you were inspired to organize too.

I’ll try to choose a topic next week that doesn’t require so much effort!

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