June 14, 2010

bins, bins, bins

When a quilter uses the term UFO, it usually refers to Un-Finished Objects (specifically quilts). Now I’m aware there are some unusual quilters out there who don’t have any UFO’s, but I’m quite sure they are the exception, not the norm. In my “stash” post I mentioned I dislike bins, but what else are you going to do with UFO’s?

A year or so ago a friend showed me some UFO’s she had purchased from another quilter. She thought they looked like fun and was planning to practice her free motion quilting on them. I told her I probably had a few I’d give her for free and (can you believe it?) she was excited. This led me to dig through my collection, pick out a few to “donate” to Patricia and then to count those that remained. SCARY! I’ll share the results and some ideas I have for what to do with them in my Thursday post. In the meantime please share your thoughts on UFO’s. How many do you have? Do they cause you guilt? Have you any thoughts on what to do about it? I’d love to hear from you!

PS Wendy Rieves and I teach quite a variety of classes at Waukesha County Technical College and there are still a few openings in our Summer class schedule. My Mariner’s Compass class has been a popular one over the years and I will be offering it again on July 8th. To get the details go to:  http://wctc.edu ; click on Class Search; put a dot in Summer 2010 and type “quilting” in the Course Title/Subject box, then click on Submit. You’ll find this class plus all the others there. I’d love to have you sign up! Blessings, Chris


  1. I have an embarrassing number of traditional quilt UFOs…probably 50 of them. And about 10 art quilts that are floating in the head, and for which I have procured fabric, but not started. *sigh*
    But–I keep plugging away at them, one at a time!

  2. This must be a UFO summer, it is my goal to finish up a few too. I don’t have nearly as many as you do Chris, but I haven’t been quilting that long. Give me time.

  3. I have about a dozen UFO’s and another dozen that aren’t far enough along to be called that – they’re more like USO – unStarted Objects! I feel some guilt, especially since a couple of them are baby quilts for babies who are now expecting younger siblings. What’s really sad is they just need to be quilted – and I have a small machine quilting frame! (By the way, I’m also in Wisconsin, in Janesville.)

  4. I have about 20 UFO’s. Some of them are three years old. Maddening? Yes. My style is to not work on one quilt from beginning to end, but to mix it up a bit. As a result, I work on what I’m in to mood to do rather than discipline myself to finish before I start. It’s wonderful seeing those quilts finally finished, but I find that “the journey is the reward” in and of itself so I give myself the freedom to follow my bliss!

  5. I don’t have any UFO’S…. Ha!!! Don’t I wish.. I don’t feel guilty.. if I don’t really like it.. I will try and finish one or 2 when I get a chance which isn’t very often.. maybe after July 23rd.. Ha!! It used to bother me but, not anymore.. because they have accumulated quite a bit..
    I’m taking the mariners compass class.. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be a UFO.. you know how quarter inch seam illerate I am.. everyone is asking me.. why would you take that class if you don’t like quarter inch seams.. I simply say… because my best bud is teaching it and I get to spend time with her and learn a technique all at the same time.. Life is good.. PTL!!

  6. Well if you’re asking who has the oldest UFO I think I would be the winner. I love them, you never run out of things to do. Then too, you always have a wonderful gift for a quilting friend

    • How exciting – a positive comment on UFO’s :-)! How old is the oldest? This could be an interesting competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had one or 2 from the late 80’s. I’ll have to dig and confirm. Can you beat that? Chris

  7. I didn’t count them this Jan, but last year I had 67…sigh…
    I don’t feel guilty just overwhelmed.

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